Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ACS Quilt: The Making of...

We are a relatively new guild, we only started planning in October 2012, so I jumped at the chance to work on a charity quilt for the Austin Children's Shelter as a donation during QuiltCon without a real consult from the group. It was move it or lose it and I made an executive decision hoping it would be a good way to kick off some group camaraderie. It was! Here is our process and the finished project.

Here are Jeanie and Mavis at our first group sew day, piecing away! Six members were responsible for two blocks on point assembled into an 18x39 inch section before we came together to work out and assemble the top. We did this rough planning at our regular meeting so everyone would know what to bring.

We showed up that day with our "blocks" and any scraps. I picked up some grey sashing and we set to work. Here is what we came up with at the end of 4 hours.

From the top left working in rows is Mavis' section then Linda's section, followed by Pat's section dissected by Janie's Section, in the last row is Terry's section followed by Amanda's section. Of course the quilt is sideways but it was easier to hold that way!

We ran out of time and I put the top and bottom borders on at home and this is the finished top.

Jeanie and I met a week later, after I pieced a back to save cash (but not time) to pin the quilt and get it ready for me to take home and machine quilt on my trusty little Viking.

I used two extra blocks from Lu-Ann who wasn't able to sew with us and some leftover fabric and 2.5 yards of light gray to piece the back and quilted it in semi-straight columns the length of the quilt.

The finished Front!

The finished Back!

And finally a label close up.

We had such a blast on our first collaboration I think some round robin sewing might be in our future?



  1. LOVE what you did with the back. Well done!

  2. Thanks! It ended up being a little over $16 in shipping so I am glad I saved the money instead of buying more fabric for the back. It didn't really take long anyway...and I was glad for the extra sewing time!